"Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel. "


Why is TyE Bar Unique? 



Customers and vendors can expect exceptional service, integrity and respect from TyE Bar and all of its employees. The dynamic staff at TyE Bar is dedicated to maintaining these standards. We realize the importance of maintaining job schedules and concrete pours. We understand the magnitude of competitive quotes, accuracy and timely deliveries on the job site. We consider carefully the needs of the customer, whether the requirements are for a single bar or a complete rebar package. These practices are the building blocks in  creating and sustaining a solid reputation of trust and the basis for long term relationships and business referrals.


Our Credentials

"We had never used TyE Bar before reaching out to them in a real pinch for a quick turn-around.  We found the pricing to be competitive but the service and delivery time were extraordinary.  In one instance, we ordered one day and picked up the next afternoon.  These folks did what they say they would do, the invoicing and certifications were clean and they went out of their way to make sure we hit our project mark.  I highly recommend."

Dave Cramer, Project Manager, Penn Line Service


"Katey, it was a pleasure working with you, very professional from start to finish. We are very happy with your customer service, and look forward to working with you on future project."

- Matthew Delozier, Gordon L. DeLozier, Inc.



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